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We’re big fans of going to the gym and love taking part in group classes while we’re there.  In fact, we really began our fitness stories by taking part in classes.  However, after many years of routine doing the same classes, which also coincided with a change of gym we reduced the number of classes we were doing.  Over the last 8 months, we’ve not really been doing any.

Trying new gym classes

This was a good change for us as we could focus on lifting weights and following some fitness programs.  However, we did miss the classes, especially when it comes to doing cardio.  We generally have been doing short, sharp bursts of cardio (HIIT) before a weight session and sometimes we feel like we needed more but going on the treadmill for a long time didn’t really appeal to us and our current goals.

So we decided to try out some classes again.

Trying new gym classes

There are a few reasons we enjoy attending classes at the gym:

1 – You are motivated by the instructor to workout for a prolonged period of time.  This means pushing yourself and working hard to improve your fitness levels.

2 – If you book on a class then you are likely to go – No one wants to be struck off the gym class booking system.

3 – A gym class is a great way to mix up your workouts and try something different which you might not do if you were working out alone.

4 – Gym classes can be great places to meet new friends and take inspiration from others who are killing it. It’s always great to enjoy the social aspect of working out.

In recent weeks we’ve done some circuits classes and spin classes.  The circuits classes are a great compliment to our weight training as they usually involve using weights or bodyweight movements but are usually high rep, low weight exercises that focus on toning up muscle and burning calories.  The spin class has also been good to really focus on our cardiovascular fitness and endurance levels.

It’s been nice to mix things up again and going forward for the next few months we will do a mix of classes and our own weight training to see what results we get from this combination both physically and mentally – A change is as good as a rest!

What has your recent training routine been like?  Have you done any good classes recently?  Share them below!

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