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Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

We created Voltage Sport because as a couple (Keil & Caroline) we love to watch sport.  It's something we both did before we met in 2003 & we've watched even more sporting events around the world together.

About Voltage Sport

We found we love sports which are not always as popular here in the UK & when Caroline wanted to buy Keil a sports related gift such as a t-shirt it was hard to find anything & what she found wasn't good enough quality.  We have high standards!

Whilst on holiday we decided to create our own brand sharing our love of sport, our experiences with fitness & our passion for good food.  This developed into creating our own original products & we're always listening to you as we create more collections.

Keil Nelson, Co-Founder, Author

Keil Nelson Voltage Sport

I’m not creative in a technical kinda way (that’s where Caroline comes in, she has her uses!) but my vision and passion comes to life in the physical world, put me in the gym or on a sports field and I love creating things! My mind pushes my body to be the best that it can be, when it comes to workouts, drills, circuits, training programs, coaching etc I’m your man (Im sure there’s a world champion bottled up somewhere…at least that’s what I tell myself anyway 😉). I contribute to many posts within Voltage Sport and am editor in chief because lets face it…editing is not Caroline’s strong point so I need to keep things running smoothly so as not to give out the impression that VS has been hijacked by an infant…hopefully sarcasm comes across through the written word!

My other major role is as the “face” of VS, if you’re aware of our brand you will certainly know my face…I enjoy playing Zoolander now and again and having fun with the photoshoots…just don’t ask me to pout! I’m a huge health and fitness lover and think of the gym as my church, I find a little salvation there where I can forget whatever’s going on in my life and have fun, I’ve certainly grown to love working out over the years and enjoy training in a variety of different ways. 

Sport has always been a huge part of my life, I started playing rugby at the age of 6 so its something I’ve grown up with.  Over the years I have given just about every sport a go and enjoyed most of them. Hopefully you will enjoy Voltage Sport and the content I create, I put my experiences out there to try and help and inspire people to be the best version of themselves and live a happy, healthy life.

Favourite Workout Albums: Metallica-The Black Album, Foo Fighters-Wasting Light, Chase and Status-No More Idols

Favourite Protein Brand and Flavour: Arbonne’s Vegan Chocolate Protein

My Perfect Night: A meal with the Girlfriend or a few drinks with friends.

My overindulgence: Peanut Butter by the bucketload

Caroline Towers, Co-Founder, Author

Caroline Towers Voltage Sport

I am always dreaming and thinking of creative ways to grow Voltage Sport, I love to write and as well as running my other business The Content Edit, I contribute to many of the blog posts on this site.  It is nice to collaborate with Keil as we both bring new ideas and he is great at editing – I am always moving onto the next idea!  I have a diploma in Personal Training, Nutrition and Massage and it’s nice I am able to put these skills to good use again via Voltage Sport. 

I love to go to the gym and workout, I prefer to lift weights than do cardio but I force myself to do some cardio as I know it is good for me!  I’ve been around sport my whole life watching, participating and working in the sport and fitness industry, I love to watch sport and have travelled the world watching different sports.  In fact, I watched my first bike race when I was 1 month old. A few years ago I completed a degree in Creative Writing, it makes me happy knowing I can combine my passions of writing, fitness and sport all on Voltage Sport. 

Favourite Exercise: Shoulder Press 

Least Favourite Exercise: Mountain Climbers

Favourite Sports to Watch: Cricket, Cycling, Football and the NFL

Favourite Way to Relax: Watching a film 

Guilty Pleasure: The Kardashians and wine (not necessarily together)

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