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We love summertime – The sunshine, the good moods and the chance to get a tan!  To celebrate our love of summer and the fact the sun has been shining a lot at Voltage Sport HQ, this week we launched our Bolt Vest collection.


Our Voltage Sport “Bolt” is our signature sign from our logo, to cement our (& your) electrifying passion for sport and fitness.  The Bolt only was previously only available on our snap back and beanie hats so we are thrilled to have extended this collection.  Visit our shop here to check them out and treat yourself.

Voltage Sport Bolt Vests

The vests are available with a green, orange, yellow or grey bolt on a black men’s vest.  The sizes are small, medium, large and extra-large.  All the vests are made from 100% combined organic cotton too.  Click here to check out our size guide.


This our first collection which includes vests, in the future we plan to add more of our designs to be available as a vest.  Let us know what you’d like to see!

The Bolt vests are ideal to wear on a sunny day in the garden, a trip away to the beach or even on a hot day lifting weights in the gym.


Our co-founder, Keil, debuted the vests on a visit to Portugal at the weekend, where the sun was definitely shining – His orange bolt vest went great with the grey bolt snap back – Such a great casual summer look.  He looked and felt great at the pool and even better when he was at the beach bar!

Voltage Sport Bolt Vests

We are always looking to expand our collection with more Voltage Sport specific merchandise, as well as some more sport inspired collections which are launching soon.  Sign up to our newsletter (click here to join) to be the first to know when our new designs are launched.

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