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Last week the UK celebrated Bike Week and each day we shared a post about cycling on our Instagram account.

Bike Week is an annual celebration to showcase cycling which we think is a great idea - It's much more than just another Instagram day.


People across the UK enjoy cycling every single day, whether it's for exercise, to commute or a mixture of the two.

Bike Week 2020

For 2020, Bike Week UK was celebrated much more virtually than usual as the UK was only just beginning to ease out of lockdown.

You could say, cycling has never been more important - Or at least not for many years - Than it is today. In the wake of the pandemic, the UK government are actively encouraging people to cycle.

At the start of lockdown, people could only exercise once a day and now, even though you can exercise as much as you want, cycling is still being encouraged.


What is unusual is the government are actively suggesting to cycling as a mode of transport instead of using public transport - This has certainly got to be a first.

We've been involved in the cycling industry for many years and are so happy it's getting its much-needed place in the spotlight.


Our love of cycling is why we have a range of cycling items in our online shop and we are currently creating some more - Watch this space!

Shop the cycling collection.

As you continue to ride your bike and enjoy cycling, it's also important to support your local bike shop. Our family own Pennine Cycles and so of course, we recommend using them but any independent cycle business needs your support through the pandemic and beyond.


Enjoy riding your bike for the rest of 2020 and we will look forward to celebrating Bike Week again next year in 2021!

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