It's been quite a few weeks of lockdown now, which means you are probably looking for different ways to stay fit and active when there are fewer sports to participate in which are allowed and also the gyms are still closed.

It's certainly a very strange time so remember to allow yourself some kindness if you're not sticking to working out during this lockdown period as much as you would like. You're experiencing something you've never gone through before so be nice to yourself.

Home workouts for lockdown and beyond

We've been testing different workouts during the lockdown and here are our thoughts to help you decide what to do next!

7 Workout Ideas:


This is the most accessible to everyone. Getting out of the house and going for a walk in your local area is good for your physical and mental wellbeing - It's important to get some fresh air and vitamin d. We've also found we've discovered places which we didn't know existed which has been a benefit!


If you want to increase the intensity of your workout and improve your cardio then running is a great addition. It's a form of getting some fresh air and you can build up to consistent running with a mix of running and walking.

Home workouts for lockdown and beyond



Another outdoor activity is cycling. The great thing about cycling is you can go further than walking or running in the same period of time. We love cycling - Which is why have products dedicated to the sport! It's also recommended by the government as a mode of transport.

Home workouts for lockdown and beyond


Having participated in spinning classes for many years, we were intrigued by the new trend of Peloton even before the lockdown. You can put Peloton on the TV and use any kind of spin bike if you have one - Of course, they recommend their own with the TV attached but we used our bike with a turbo trainer which we bought from Pennine Cycles. You can either do a pre-recorded cycle or take part in a live one. The live ones are a good idea to commit to riding at a certain time.

Home workouts for lockdown and beyondHome workouts for lockdown and beyond

Les Mills On Demand

We used to love Les Mills classes many years ago and signed up to the free trial to try them again. They have a mixture of different types of classes depending on what you're wanting to achieve and what equipment you have. You can do the spin classes like Peloton with their RPM and The Trip classes, again we used our bike and turbo trainer. They also have cardio-based classes like Body Combat (based on mixed martial arts) and Body Attack (a high energy cardio blast), plus they have conditioning classes CX Works where you use a band and Body Pump which does require weights. We managed to get a barbel and weights suitable so we've been able to add this class in this week.

Body Weight Exercises

If you don't have any equipment then doing bodyweight exercises are a good starting point during lockdown. You can do a circuit routine, we've seen lots of people sharing these online, follow someone like Joe Wicks (his classes are not just for kids) or even throw in a few bodyweight exercises to take a break if you find you're sitting more when you're at home. We will get up and squat or do some jumping jacks to take a break from the computer!

Create a Home Gym

Finally, you could really go all out and create a home-based gym. There will be an investment to this but we have seen many businesses which sell fitness equipment slowly restocking after a surge in the early part of lockdown. Weights, a mat, a bench or a TRX station are a few great starting points if you have space. Once you have invested in a home gym, you will be able to use it for years to come.

Home workouts for lockdown and beyond

There are lots of different ways to keep your exercise levels up during this lockdown period. Working out always makes you feel good, it's good for your mental wellbeing which is needed more than ever right now and staying fit is good for your physical health.

What workouts have you been enjoying trying during the lockdown?

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