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On Friday night we attended the first cricket game of the 2017 season in the T20 Blast.  The T20 Blast is a short form of cricket and a game which we love to go and watch.  We were fortunate to receive tickets to see our local team the Yorkshire Vikings against the Notts Outlaws.

T20 Cricket

In T20, the game is cut down to 20 overs per side, which means in total it generally lasts about 3 hours (unless one team is out quickly).  From a spectator point of view, this means it doesn’t cut into your whole day like a one day game or a few days like the County Championship.  Although there is certainly a place for all forms of the game, the T20 is focused on keeping it fun for the fans.

Watching the T20 Blast

If you’ve never been to watch a game of cricket the T20 is a good place to begin.  There is lots of music, entertaining cricket with more 4’s and 6’s (where the batsman hits the ball the furthest) and generally, the crowd is in good spirits.  This was especially the case at the game we attended in Headingley on a Friday night!

It’s also fun for the family, again the length means children don’t get too fed up and the mascot usually goes around giving high fives and taking selfies.  He was also throwing free things into the crowd.  The kids sat in front of us were loving it!

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Of course, it’s always better when the team you support wins as was the case when went.  We plan on seeing some more games over the summer months.

T20 Cricket

In the future, it appears there will be some big changes to the T20 following in the footsteps of the Big Bash in Australia and the IPL in India.  We’re not sure our thoughts on this yet but as fans, we have to go with the flow.  If it attracts the best in the world then it can only be a good thing.

Until then, we’ll stick with watching the T20 Blast and having a good time doing so!

Have you been to a T20 match recently?  What was your experience? Comment below!

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