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I love to watch sport.  I am a massive fan of a variety of different games and matches  My most recent love is the NFL.  I say recent because its a game I've picked up again over the last few years.  It's kind of like rekindling an old relationship for me because some of my earliest sporting memories are staying up late to watch the Super Bowl with my dad as a child.

I remember loving the game even though I had absolutely no idea what was going on.  American football is a complex and difficult game to understand but once you get it, it's addictive.

NFL Sunday San Diego Chargers

On a recent trip to the states, I got tickets to watch the San Diego Chargers vs the Jacksonville Jaguars in San Diego.  Again, I didn't really understand what was happening on the pitch but the energy and atmosphere inside the stadium got me hooked.  At the time I adopted San Diego as my time (I wish someone had told me they are the most frustrating team to follow) and vowed to study and learn the game so I could enjoy it even more.

NFL Sunday San Diego Chargers

NFL Sunday

Since this trip, NFL Sunday has become a regular thing in my house.  It is something which brings me joy.  I love to sit down and watch the games every week.  I've learnt the game through these Sundays spent watching the NFL.  For me, I can watch any game as they are always interesting and competitive.  There is a saying in American Football "any given Sunday" which reflects this.  It really does ring true that on any given Sunday any team in the NFL can beat another.

The league constantly evolves and changes due to the draft structure they have in place.  In the draft, the worst team from the previous season gets to pick the best players coming out of college.  This leads to the team who wasn't so good one year being able to get better and more competitive.  I love that no team dominates the sport.  It really is a level playing field for all 32 teams to achieve success.

NFL Sunday San Diego Chargers

The game itself is action packed.  It's a real show for the fans to enjoy.  The players put their bodies on the line each week searching for the win which will get them to the playoffs. Ultimately the goal for every team is to get to the holy grail of the Superbowl.

The skill level is off the charts and the entertainment factor is sky high.  I love it!

NFL Sunday

Are you a fan of the NFL?  If so, let me know in the comments below why you love it.

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