About Keil Nelson

About Keil Nelson | Voltage SportHey, my names Keil Nelson I live in Bradford, West Yorkshire with my girlfriend and I’m the co-founder and owner of Voltage Sport.

I love sport and fitness.  Sport has been a huge passion of mine since I was a young boy, I played rugby league from the ages of 6-15 and am proud of my career before injury forced me to give up the game I love.  I was captain of my local team and went on to captain and represent both my city of Bradford and my county of Yorkshire.  I was told my future was in the professional game by my coaches and fully intended to make that a reality before my body gave up on me, a cruel twist of fate but I’m a big believer that everything happens for a reason.  I now get to share my passion and knowledge with you!

My love of fitness has come a lot more recently, after my rugby playing days came to an end I lost my way and gained a significant amount of weight.  I tipped the scales at around 19 stones and was told I was clinically obese. I made the decision to lose weight and get fit and healthy. 

weightloss tips and lessons

Its been a long process with plenty of bumps in the road but I’m really happy and proud that I’ve lost 6 stone and now find myself at a normal healthy weight, sometimes throughout my journey I hated the fit life as it was hard and so different to what I’d become used to but I’m here to tell you that committing to regular exercise, working out and eating well has been the best decision I ever made.  You can read more about my weightloss lessons here.

I believe fitness saved my life, for this reason I’m so passionate to share my journey and experiences with as many people as possible in the hope it can inspire them to make positive healthy changes in their lives and who knows, maybe I can help someone turn their life around and see that there is hope for all of us if we commit to making a change.