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Recently we went on an American roadtrip, beginning in Las Vegas and travelling to Orange County, LA, Santa Monica and Palm Springs.  Whilst we were in Santa Monica we spent some time at the world famous Muscle Beach.

Working out at Muscle Beach

This was our second trip to Santa Monica and as soon we arrived at our hotel we walked to the beach.  There's a fantastic boardwalk all along the beach front with people walking, running, cycling and skating.  It's a wonderful place to workout, everybody seemed to be doing some kind of exercise!

The Original Muscle Beach

Muscle Beach itself is near Santa Monica pier and it was where the original Muscle Beach began, it has since been moved to Venice Beach where it was really made famous by the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger.  We didn't have time to go to Venice, maybe next time!

Working out at Muscle Beach

The concept of Muscle Beach at Santa Monica is a dedicated area to workout using plyometrics.  There were lots of various bars and hoops to do some exercises on.  There were some people doing some very impressive moves, especially on the hoops!  We didn't have our workout gear on as we were heading to lunch but of course we had a go!

Working out at Muscle Beach

Working out on the beach, with palm trees in the background is certainly pretty idilic.

Here's a video of Keil doing some dips at the beach which we shared on Instagram!


When you visit Muscle Beach it's only right to do some dips! What's your workout today? #fitlife

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In the background of the video you can see there is an area next to Muscle Beach which is dedicated to stretching, yoga and meditation.  This is a grassed area so you don't get sandy.  It's such a good place to exercise, free and available to everyone.

Working out at Muscle Beach

After trying out some of the equipment at Muscle Beach it was beginning to get busy so we headed off in search of food on the pier.  We had a delicious lunch at an Italian restaurant and watched the world go by from the pier.  Check out Keil's Bolt Snapback here.

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