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We love watching sport!  We've always been around sport, for as long we we can remember we've taken part or watched sport.  As we've got older we've found ourselves watching from the sidelines more and more and we love it! We enjoy watching different sports, it brings people together and uses strengths we can bring to our everyday lives.  Today Keil shares why he loves watching sport so much.

I enjoy watching a number of different sports including but not inclusive to football, rugby, cricket, american football and cycling.  As is the case with any sports fan I affiliate myself to my favourite teams so I guess you can call me a red, a bull, a yorkie, a bolt and a lion. I've been incredibly fortunate to watch my favourite teams in different sports all around the world.  There is nothing better than putting on your teams colours and supporting them through thick and thin with others who share the same love and passion for your team as you do.  The atmosphere you experience at a live sporting event is nothing short of remarkable, so much energy and passion in one place really is an absolute joy.


Watching Sport in Yorkshire - Yorkshire County Cricket Club


Team sports, whether you are competing or watching, are all about teamwork and camaraderie.  Being part of the team on the field or on the terraces is special, you all come together for the greater good, I love the quote "teamwork makes the dream work" and think its absolutely true when competing at any level be that as an ameteur or beginner right through to the professional ranks.  Aristotle once said, "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts".  I love this in the context of team sport as it describes perfectly what teamwork means, you can have some amazing individuals on a team but without everyone pulling together for the good of the team they are representing then success is not likely to come their way.  I've carried forward many of the skills I learnt playing team sports as a child and incorporated them into my life today.




One of my favourite things to do in my downtime is get together with friends to watch the big game, we don't all support the same teams so we have great debates, disagreements and ideas but once the final whistle has blown we shake hands, congratulate each other and go on to have a great day/night together.  It's true that sport brings people together.  Sport is the one common denominator that brings my friends and me together no matter whats going on in our lives at any given time.

Of course sport is a fantastic and fun way to keep fit too so thats another reason I'm a huge advocate, fitness, camaraderie, passion, spirit, energy, joy...whats not to love!

What are your favourite sports to watch and why do you love them so much? Share with us below!

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