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On Sunday 12th June 2016 we headed to Leeds to watch the Elite races of the Leeds Triathlon.  The race was part of the World Triathlon Series which holds races around the world throughout the year.  This was the first time the triathlon was held in Leeds and over the weekend there were lots of of different triathlon events taking place.  Sunday afternoon included both the women's and men's elite races which we were fortunate to watch.

We vlogged the afternoon watching the Leeds Triathlon and you can watch our video here.

The Leeds Triathlon Races

Both races began at Roundhay Park with a swim before cycling into the city centre and completing 6 laps around the centre, they then transitioned to running and did 4 shorter laps, again around the city centre.  When we arrived the women were already on their bikes so we watched a few laps in which there were some breakaways and a few attacks.  During the run things dramatically changed with the final USA winner Gwen Jorgensen doing an outstanding run, overtaking a number of competitors to get to the front.  There were also a number of British triathletes in the race who had some internal races between themselves before local girl Vicky Holland grabbed 3rd place.

Watching the Leeds Triathlon

After a short break it was time for the men's race.  When they arrived onto the city centre circuit there was already a 4 man breakaway including brothers Johnny and Alistair Brownlee, who are from Leeds and helped to design the course.  They already had a large gap and were followed by a couple of other groups.

Watching the Leeds Triathlon

Things stayed the same during the ride, after the transition to the run the first time we saw them Alistair Brownlee had a lead over his brother Johnny, followed by Aaron Royle from Australia.  This was how things stayed for the rest of the race with the gaps getting bigger!

Watching the Leeds Triathlon Watching the Leeds Triathlon

Here's a photo of Keil with Alistair a couple of years ago at the Dave Rayner Dinner - An annual cycling event we attend!


Keil with Olympian Alistair Brownlee on Saturday night at the @daveraynerfund dinner! #selfie

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It was fun to watch the races but we have to say the women's was more exciting in both the cycle and run, sadly the crowds were much smaller than when the men were competing!

We had a fun afternoon and it's always great to see world sport coming to our local area!  We are looking forward to the Olympic games now and hope to see the Brownlee's and of course all the other British competitors doing well.

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