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When tickets went on sale to watch Liverpool FC playing FC Barcelona we had to snap them up!  Tickets sold out in 15 minutes so we did really well to snag them for us and some friends.  A couple of months later the time had come for us to take a trip to London to watch the game and see footballing legends like Messi playing at Wembley.

Watching Messi at Wembley

Even though we've been to Wembley quite a few times for different sporting events, it still has some charm.  The excitement of getting off the tube, walking up Wembley Way and taking a photo of the arches is something we love, especially when the stadium looks magnificent with the backdrop of blue sky and sunshine!

Watching Liverpool v Barcelona at WembleyWatching Liverpool v Barcelona at Wembley

Liverpool v Barcelona

The game itself was a friendly and part of a larger mini pre-season competition called the international champions cup which involved a number of top teams and was played over 4 continents. When it comes to friendlies it's always a concern if the full teams will play as managers are wary of injuries pre-season.  Liverpool began with almost a full-strength squad as did Barcelona.  We saw Liverpool last season and many of the same players were involved but this was our first time watching Barcelona so it was a special moment to watch some of the best in the world playing.

The stadium was full of Liverpool supporters and was like a home game, with Liverpool's iconic anthem You'll Never Walk Alone playing as the teams took to the pitch. No matter how many times we hear it, it still gives us goosebumps. The attendance was the highest ever recorded at the new Wembley stadium for a sporting event which is remarkable for a pre-season friendly.

Watching Liverpool v Barcelona at Wembley

Watching Messi

Both Suarez and Messi started, the only missing superstar player was Neymar who was in Brazil for the Olympics.  To be honest we expected a Barcelona masterclass but they must be saving that for the real competitions!  They were good and every time Messi or Suarez got the ball there was an anticipation something might happen but at half-time Liverpool were 1-0 up.

After half-time, we didn't get back to our seats quick enough and missed another 2 goals from Liverpool!  During the second half most of the top players were substituted and the game ended 4-0 to Liverpool.

We had a great time watching the game and were pleased that both Liverpool won and we finally saw Barcelona play.  A memory which will stay with us for a long time.


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