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Recently we went on a city break to Belgium, visiting Brussels, Bruges and the European Parliament.  We are huge believers in having fun when you are away.  It's important to enjoy yourself on holiday, eat well and remove any guilt of having a good time, not working out and being relaxed.

One of the benefits of a city break is how easy it is to keep active through walking!

We had 2 nights in Belgium.  Once we arrived we went straight to Brussels to explore the Grand Place, enjoy some Belgium beer and try the moules and frites.

Frites in Bruge Moules in Brussels

The following day we went on a day trip to Bruges - According to Keil's Fitbit, on this day he racked up almost 20,000 steps!  This was despite spending plenty of time sat outside to enjoy the sunshine too.  On our final day, we went to the European Parliament.

Walking on Holiday Fitbit

Walking on Holiday

It's fun to explore new places on foot - We saw much more than if we'd have used the Metro underground to get into the centre.  When you are exploring a city you don't really notice how much your steps rack up over the hours you are out and about.

The Benefits of Walking on Holiday

If you're going to a city which will include walking, ensure you take some comfy shoes - These are essential!

Walking on Holiday

There are so many health benefits to walking, some of our favourites include:

  • Walking tones the legs and bum
  • Walking outside boosts Vitamin D
  • Walking gives you energy

Walking is also complimentary to most exercise routines you are following as it's not so strenuous it will impact your strength or endurance once you get back to reality and into your routine.

We had a great time in Belgium, it felt good to get so many steps in and we had some new experiences.  We're now looking forward to our next city break which is Rome.

Where is one of your favourite places to take a city break? Comment below!

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