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Recently we went on a trip to Las Vegas.  Whilst there we visited Olympia, watched the boxing, went to Interbike and launched our new NFL collection.  It was a busy week!  Our first stop on the trip was Joe Weider’s Olympia 2017.

Olympia 2017

The Olympia was held at the Las Vegas Convention Centre, which was easy to get to via the monorail.   As we were staying at The Cosmopolitan we hopped on at Bally’s.  We arrived for day 2, which meant registration was quick and easy as any queues would have been the day before.

Olympia 2017Olympia 2017

The Olympia 2017

The Olympia itself is held in a large convention space.  It was jammed-full of brands who were exhibiting.  Like most expos, there was a lot of walking involved as we explored the different stands.  It was good to see all the different businesses who were exhibiting.  The Olympia is heavily leant towards fitness competitions.  At the far end of the hall, they have different physique competitions, we watched one taking place.

Olympia 2017Olympia 2017

Due to the emphasis on physique and bodybuilding in general, there were a lot of nutrition brands exhibiting.  The Olympia is open to the public all weekend, this meant many of the stands had large queues to get the freebies they were giving away.  We didn’t want to spend our time in the queues which also meant we weren’t able to find out too much about the brands which was a disappointment.  If you love a good freebie though, you’ll certainly get your money’s worth when you’re there!

Olympia 2017Olympia 2017Olympia 2017

Around the edge of the expo were a number of fitness competitions.  We watched the Strongest Man competition which we found fun and interesting – Those guys can lift!  There were also Crossfit competitions, Zumba lessons and lots more!

We shared a little bit about the day on Instagram Stories:

After a few hours of exploring we headed back to the monorail and made our way to the MGM Grand for a night watching boxing.

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