Today we have another guest post from Mathews McGarry of Ripped Me.  Previously Mathews has shared why strength training will change your life.  Today he will share why there are no tricks in fitness.

There are no tricks in fitness

Mathews McGarry is passionate about many forms of strength training and has spent years lifting, dragging and flipping all manner of heavy objects.  After graduating from the Faculty of Health Sciences, he started writing about his experiences, and sharing tips for a better life.  He is an all-around fitness advisor and his words are strong as an Australian Bull.

You can check out Mathews’ site here.

Mathews McGarry Voltage Sport Guest Post

The instant generation: that is the name that modern youngsters have rightfully earned. For them, a loading time of a few seconds is a hassle, a short break from digital splendor feels like eternity. The good news is that many are the marvels of the high-tech age that we can acquire with money, but what about health? Well, it is time to debunk the myths and misleading tricks that drive people to build physical greatness on quicksand, instead of long-term fidelity.

An alphabet of health

The golden rule of fitness is that results are proportionate to the level of effort invested. Therefore, confusing and knotted fitness routines can only make you stray away from meaningful work. Take the example of powerlifting, the practice that should be as simple as ABC. Alas, powerlifters do all sorts of weird things, such as perpetual variations and fancy-looking assistant exercises, desperate to gain an edge over others.

The essence of a healthy lifestyle is snowed in deep under the avalanche of quick-fix solutions, magic pills, fad diets, and miraculous supplements. Children spend seven and a half hours in front of the screen daily, and adults are not immune to the flashy charm of advertising either: in the US, only 5% of them engage in regular physical activity each day, which is the cornerstone of healthy living.

Indeed, people go to great lengths to escape the bitter truth, yet sooner or later they are forced to face it again. One of the things you need to accept is that training is a tedious activity, which often does not make you feel good. However, when an athletic evolution starts to kick in, the pain is no longer an unbearable burden, but a constant companion on the path which is as clear as day.

There are no Tricks in Fitness

Simply the best

The complexity of the exercise sometimes does more harm than good, and cross-training is not really superior to specificity. Hence, strive to steer clear of subjective notions meant only to comfort you. Whenever a program starts to plateau or backtrack, you should not assume this is due to lack of recovery and sleep. The most likely culprit is an improper progression pattern and misjudging work capacity.

Namely, many fitness newcomers make the mistake of expecting results after a couple of weeks, or putting their bodies at an unnecessary risk of injury. On the other hand, appropriate dosing and setting a reasonable timeline, as well as realistic goals, will eventually take you all the way. One must first evaluate their physical condition, pick the training program, steadily increase the workload, and stay focused over a long haul.   

The good and the bad

At last, know the difference between being overtrained and under-recovered, keep a close eye on the way your body adapts, and understand that fitness is no short game. Unlocking full genetic potential comes only through healthy habits performed on a regular basis. Cheating biology is nothing more than a convenient myth. On the contrary, adding something of value each and every day is the most efficient way to build a sculpted body.

Take the example of supplements that are tailored to the nutrient gaps, not to replace nutritious food. Healthy eating does not tolerate petty tricks and cheating. Whole plant foods are the greatest ally on the fitness journey, unlike added sugars and heavily processed food. Separate the wheat from the chaff and you will be able to be as fit as a fiddle.

Health should lead the way

Like it or not, there is no silver bullet, magic potion or surefire fitness program. The only thing that matters is perseverance and commitment to a genuine, timely, on-point and effective training. What matters is the journey, not the destination, and only a simple tool, which is suited for the task ahead, does the trick. So, there must be no cutting corners and sugarcoating the ugly truth, not if you are serious about making a difference and leading a healthy life.

Keil Nelson
Keil Nelson

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