In October, we (Keil and Caroline) took a weekend trip to London for the second of three NFL games being played at Wembley. We had an amazing weekend but of course, the highlight was going back to Wembley to watch some live action American Football.

NFL at Wembley

The game we went to was the Tennessee Titans vs the Los Angeles Chargers – We happen to be Chargers fans as well as American Football fans so we had to ensure we got ourselves some good tickets!

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Like all our trips to Wembley in the past, we made sure we got to the area with plenty of time. The game didn’t kick off until the afternoon, which meant after a quick breakfast, we could ensure we were there early.

It doesn’t matter how many times we have visited Wembley for different sports and events, there is always something special about seeing the Wembley Arches for the first time.

Wembley Arches NFL

Time to Tailgate

This year, there was a tailgate taking place beforehand. We decided this was a good place to go first, they had lots of different food trucks, bars and different entertainment on stage. When we were there Neil Reynolds from Sky Sports, was talking with the crowd. We also saw Good Morning Football filming and the Chargers band did a performance too! The tailgate was a good idea, although it wasn’t the same atmosphere as when we’ve been to them in the states.

After a beer, we went to the Green Man pub where we knew a Chargers fan event was being held. We spent an hour there, talking to other fans before making our way into Wembley itself.

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We got tickets to Club Wembley this time and we have to say, we would really recommend them. You had a smaller entrance, bars which weren’t crowded and the seats were comfortable with your own cup holder. If we get the chance in the future, we would pick the Club Wembley seats again!

Game Time

The game itself was a good one. It was close, intense and we loved every second – Easy to say when the Chargers won in the last moments, ending 19-20! We think the London Games needed a good game like this to help keep the excitement alive.

Chargers playing at Wembley NFL

One of the reasons we love the NFL so much is all the fans sit together. We had Titans fans around us, plus we saw people wearing the jerseys of pretty much every team we could think of. As Chargers were the home team, everyone got a Chargers flag to wave too!

Chargers at Wembley NFL

One of the benefits of Club Wembley is you have access to the bars for an hour after the game, so once it was all over we went for a victory drink. To be honest, after the hour the crowds were still intense to get the tube so we went to the shopping centre next to Wembley which has lots of restaurants for a bite to eat before making our way back to central London.

Top tip: The train to Marylebone is often a less crowded route out of Wembley! From here you can get the tube to wherever you need to go.

For each NFL weekend in London, the two teams playing had their own fan pub. For this weekend, the Chargers had The Admiralty at Trafalgar Square. We had already been on Friday where we’d seen the Chargers Cheerleaders, lots of fans and it had been a great atmosphere. We went back for a final drink and although it was quieter there were still plenty of fans around to share their winning stories!

Admiralty London NFL Chargers

It was a wonderful weekend and we are so grateful we were able to not only get tickets to the London Games but even more so to see the Chargers take a win. Next year, the NFL will be hosting 4 London Games between Wembley and Tottenham Hotspurs new ground – We can’t wait to see which teams will be in London for 2019!

Keil Nelson
Keil Nelson

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