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Who’s excited about spring? Although spring is officially here, we’re based in the UK so we are waiting for the weather to catch up! This is a great time of year to take your exercise outside into the fresh air as the temperature is warming up a little, the sun is starting to make an appearance and daylight is hanging around for that little bit longer in the evening.

Power HIIT Hill Training

We’ve put together an intense 30 minute plyometric HIIT workout which will really get your heart rate up, and the best news…all you need is a steep hill and a timer, meaning anyone can do this as you don’t need a gym membership or any equipment, you can throw your excuses away and get fit with us for the summer!

Plyometric exercises are great to add to your workout routine, these intense explosive moves give you more bang for your buck, working several muscle groups simultaneously to build muscular power and endurance. You can be sure this workout will have you sweating and feeling great!

So here it is, as suggested give yourself a little warm up, to begin with, to prepare yourself for the workout and please make sure you stretch out those muscles after your cool down period to avoid any injuries or stiffness.

Power HIIT Hill Training

Power HIIT Hill Training

A gentle walk up and down the hill to warm up

Jump Squats x10

Plyometric Jump Lunges x10 (each leg)

Tuck Jumps x10

Burpees x10

Repeat for 5 mins

Hill sprint, standing start as fast as you can to the top, walk back down to rest and recover.

Repeat circuit 4 times

Stretch and cool down

If you try this workout please let us know how you find it, we love your feedback and tag us @voltagesport & #voltagesport on your Instagram posts so we can check in and connect with you!

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