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We've always been fans of rugby, granted usually we prefer to watch rugby league however we are looking forward to the forthcoming Rugby World Cup in the 'other' code of union. Whenever a sporting World Cup is held on home soil its always exciting and as proud, patriotic England fans across all sports we can't resist getting involved and cheering the England boys on!

Pass Around the World Rugby World Cup

When we were approached by Allianz to participate in their Pass Around the World campaign we thought it sounded like fun and a good way to celebrate the upcoming World Cup. It was great to get a rugby ball in hand again and head out into our local park to film our video. It brought back some fantastic memories for Keil who was quite the rugby player as a youth!  After we had thrown our pass Keil loved running around the park throwing and kicking the ball in the air and catching it - What a great workout.  Sometimes the best workouts come when you are outdoors and having FUN.  Fitness comes in many forms and the great thing about playing with a rugby ball is you have to work on your hand/eye coordination which isn't something we do very often, anything which elevates your heart rate is always positive in our eyes!

Pass Around the World Rugby World Cup

We believe sport of any kind should be encouraged, we played lots of different sports as children and we loved it.  Not only do you improve your fitness but you learn to work as part of a team, you feel the camaraderie and it builds your self confidence and belief. You can gain valuable leadership skills working within a team environment that will stand you in good stead for many years to come. Our advice to you, whatever age or sex you are is to look into sport and find yourself a local team that you can get involved with and go have fun!

Check out the video below and see if you can spot Keil's pass.

You can also upload your own pass by clicking here.  Once you've filmed your video take the opportunity, like us, to get a little workout in too!

Give it a TRY to win great prizes from a £150 Ticketmaster voucher to exclusive Saracen prizes, such as tickets to see them play, signed rugby balls and the top prize; lunch with the team after attending a training session!

For more information on the Pass Around the World campaign check out their website.

Pass Around the World Rugby World Cup

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