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With the new year, we set ourselves some new goals. One of those goals is around fitness & health (of course). What we really wanted to do was start the year by mixing up our workouts. This is exactly what we’ve been doing.


Last year we started the year doing only met-cons before moving onto lifting heavy weights for the bulk of the year – We also went through phases of consistency followed by periods of inconsistency. This meant we didn’t quite get the results we were looking for in 2018.

Trying New Workouts

For this year we decided to take the workouts we enjoy & have given us results before & combine them together. We don’t need to be stuck following one type of workout. For the first few weeks of the year, this is exactly what we’ve done.


Our current workouts include:
1-2 x per week Met-Con workout
1-2 x per week heavy weightlifting
1 x per week spinning class
1-2 x per week running
Walking as much as possible

Met-con workouts are metabolic conditioning exercises, working at a high intensity, using a variety of bodyweight & weights for around 20 minutes. For the heavier lifting days, we have been focused on doing full body workouts, rather than splitting the muscle groups as we’re doing it 1-2 times a week. For running we often will do this before the metcon workout usually interval style training or Keil has added in some ParkRuns to his routine – Which are 5k runs outside.

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We have found by mixing up our workout routine we tend to look forward to going to the gym much more as each day is something different. We are also able to listen to our bodies & decide on the intensity so we can adjust where needed – Something you can’t always do when following a strict program. We’ve also added a spin class in so we can get the enjoyment of a group activity & be told what to do once a week!

Alongside these workouts, we’ve been focused on walking more to get our steps in. All of this has made us feel better, we’re already beginning to see results & we are enjoying the gym again.


If you’ve been struggling to keep up to your new year’s resolutions try mixing your workouts up, you might find something you enjoy!

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