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We recently took a trip to Las Vegas, it was great fun and super busy.  We went to Olympia, watched the Canelo v Golovkin fight which was in Vegas and went to Interbike, one of the largest cycling expos in the world.  Whilst we were there we launched our latest collection which is inspired by the NFL.

NFL Product Launch in Las vegas

One morning, before heading to Interbike, we walked past the Mandalay Bay where it was being held and went to the famous Las Vegas sign.  The sign is a further 15 minutes walk and by the time we arrived there was already a decent sized queue of people waiting to take their photos.

The NFL Inspired Launch

Rather than queuing we decided to be rebels and take our photo from the side!  The NFL is known as Americas Game so it made sense for us to launch our latest design whilst we were there.  You can check out the new collection here.

We had a fun time taking our pics of our co-founder Keil jumping in front of the sign.  We wanted to represent the fun nature of Voltage Sport and we feel this does a good job!

NFL Product Launch in Las vegas

The NFL inspired design includes an American football bursting out of the Union Jack.  Part of the inspiration for this was the growth in popularity of the sport in the UK and our own personal love for the game.  We wanted to launch at the beginning of September to coincide with the International series London games which are taking place between September and October.  This year there are 4 games taking place in London, where NFL teams come over from America to play a regular season game.

NFL Product Launch in Las vegas

The collection currently includes a men’s t-shirt, a women’s t-shirt and a unisex baseball-style long-sleeved t-shirt.  If you’d like to see more items with this design, let us know!

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NFL Product Launch in Las vegasNFL Product Launch in Las vegasNFL Product Launch in Las vegas

After capturing our photos we headed off to Interbike.

On our return, our Las Vegas launch was featured in the press, including BDaily and the Telegraph and Argus.

To get your own NFL inspired item from the collection click here.

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