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The World Cup has come to an end and it was such an incredible few weeks. At Voltage Sport HQ we were hooked on watching as many games as we could!

Lessons from England in the World Cup

As a British company, of course, we were cheering on our home team of England. They did incredibly well to get as far as they did. There was some disappointment they got knocked out in the semi-final and also lost the 3rd/4th playoff but the players themselves can be proud of what they achieved. Not only did they do well but they united a nation.

Bringing People Together

Living in England, as each game progressed we could see more and more people begin to watch England, the belief grew stronger and people who don’t normally like football wanted to see them win. There was such a feel-good factor as the team progressed to the last 16, to the quarter-final and eventually the semi-final. We even won a penalty shootout, something the nation as a whole probably thought would never happen.

Lessons from England in the World Cup

It was amazing to see all the memes, videos with the Three Lions song and everyone saying “It’s Coming Home.”  It was all very light-hearted and lots of fun!

When we came up with the idea of Voltage Sport, it was because we knew how sport brings people together. This England team shows how sport can unite a nation. Our own brand vision to unite people through their shared enjoyment of sport.

If you’re a fan of cycling, show you are with our cycling t-shirts, the same with American Football.

It’s a message to the world you have a passion for a sport, a conversation starter with a fellow fan or a chance for you to share your excitement and teach another person who isn’t familiar with the sport you enjoy.

Sport can and does bring people together. The media often portrays violence and segregation, especially in football. This World Cup showed how even football fans can sit with the opposition. People who are die-hard fans of two rivals can cheer on the same team.

It helped to cement our mission for Voltage Sport, people do love their own sports and it certainly can unite people, whether that’s through Waistcoat Wednesday’s homage to Gareth Southgate, be it a friendly conversation in the pub or wearing a t-shirt to show your passion.

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