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Recently we were fortunate to travel to America for 3 weeks - It was an awesome trip full of business conferences, fun and lots of exploring!  The initial reason for the trip was to attend Arbonne's Global Training Conference which is held in Las Vegas every year.  We then decided to stay on for a couple of weeks to go on a roadtrip to explore some of Southern California.

One of the downfalls of travelling is jetlag!  Las Vegas is about a 10 hour flight from England and there is an 8 hour time difference.  Our top tip is to try to stay up as long as you can to see if you can get your body into the new time zone.  Usually this works and we can get a good sleep until about 6am - On this trip it didn't work so well and despite being awake for over 24 hours we couldn't sleep in the next morning.  It's just the way jetlag works sometimes!

Las Vegas Hotel Workout

Whilst in Las Vegas we stayed at the Signature Suites at the MGM Grand and fortunately they have a 24 hour gym, so instead of lying in bed and feeling restless we decided to go to the gym for a workout.  We were surprised to find we weren't the only ones in the gym at 4am but it was mainly other people from our UK flight!

Signature Hotel Gym

It's always strange to workout in a new gym but for a hotel gym the Signature wasn't too bad.  There were cardio machines and weights so there was a good choice depending on the workout you wanted to do.  We didn't do anything too exhausting and focused more on moving our bodies, after all we were working out on limited sleep and no breakfast!

Las Vegas Hotel Workout

After the workout we felt much better and more awake, doing some exercise is certainly something we'd recommend whilst travelling.  We then enjoyed some pool time and this set up us nicely for the rest of our trip.  Keil filmed our first Voltage Sport vlog too which you can watch here:

Do you like to exercise when you are travelling?  Comment below!

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