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Winter is officially here and the weather is cold!  When the weather is chilly it’s always nice to keep your head warm but you want to look good too.  This is where we can help with our “Bolt” beanie hat collection.

Voltage Sport Bolt Winter Hat

Our brand logo is a lightning bolt and we have included this in our Bolt collection.  The Bolt signifies your electrifying passion for fitness and sport.

We’ve found ourselves wearing them when we go to watch sport,  when shopping or even to keep our head warm on the way to the gym!

The Voltage Sport Bolt hats are currently available in 3 different styles:

The Pom-Pom Beanie in Light Grey

Voltage Sport Winter Hats

The Cuffed Beanie in Graphite Grey

Voltage Sport Bolt Winter Hat

The Pull-On Beanie in Black

Voltage Sport Bolt Winter Hat

Each beanie comes with an embroidered Bolt design in either green, orange, yellow or grey.

Wearing a Bolt beanie is one thing we’ve found to make the winter a little bit easier! We’ve had lots of fun taking pictures in our hats, especially when we recently had some snow.  We’ve also found they’ve been a big hit with our customers, as always we are extremely grateful for your support throughout the year.

Voltage Sport Bolt Winter Hat

If beanies aren’t your thing or you are currently in a warmer climate then our snapbacks are for you!  The black rapper cap design comes in the same Bolt embroidered colours and is ideal for a trip to the beach or pool!

Voltage Sport Bolt Snapback PoolSide

Which hat is for you?  You can explore and shop the collection here, we ship worldwide.  Remember to tag us in your photos on Instagram @voltagesport and use #voltagesport

You can also get 10% off your first order by joining our VIP Team, you’ll receive exclusive offers throughout the year and behind the scenes access to the Voltage Sport Team!  Join the VIP Team here and your discount code will instantly be sent to your inbox.

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