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Starting a new fitness routine can be overwhelming.  Today we are going to help you as Keil shares the best ways to start a new fitness regime.

Firstly a massive high five for taking the decision to get fit and healthy.  It's not always easy to commit to making positive changes but I can tell you from my own experience it will be worth it.  You have started the process and the only way is up from here, here’s to a healthier happier you!

Start a new fitness regime

Find A Group

My first question would be to ask yourself ‘Is there any activities I enjoy that I can use to get fit?’ This is a great place to start because if you already have a passion for something like a sport or an activity then it can make things easier for you and help you stay on track, do you enjoy football, netball, gymnastics, dance, swimming, climbing, riding a bike etc? If you do then look around your local area for clubs and organisations that offer these activities and see how you can get involved, they will always be very welcoming and encouraging so you can start to get fit while having fun. If you’re not feeling confident to do that can you do it on your own? Some you can and some you can’t, for example you could buy a football or a bicycle, get out into the fresh air and you’re away, others like dancing or netball you probably need a club or a school to get started. Either way these are a great place to start.

Stay At Home

If you don't like the idea of these sporty activities you could buy a pair of trainers and start to go running or look at getting a piece of exercise equipment at home that you can use to initially start getting fit then as your confidence grows look into joining those clubs or a gym where you will meet other likeminded individuals who will keep you motivated. I personally find there are too many distractions at home so its good to get away from that environment to somewhere you can focus fully on your activity.

Start a new fitness regime

Try A Gym

One of these places is of course the gym, I know gym’s can seem daunting at first but they are generally really friendly positive places where everyone is there working toward the same goals, namely to improve their overall health and fitness in some way. Now there is a cost to a gym membership but you can usually get a free days pass to have a look round and try out the facilities, essentially a try before you buy scenario. The cost of the gym can vary dramatically but it usually corresponds with the facilities on offer, a basic gym with a few weights and machines will generally be the cheapest, you will start to pay a little more for gym’s that offer workout classes with qualified instructors then the more expensive options are health clubs that offer all the services mentioned and usually come with a swimming pool, sauna/jacuzzi spa area to offer extra benefits to its members.

Any of these are great options for you and will provide you with lots of different ways to help you get fit and healthy, you could start out at a basic gym and move up as and when you are confident to do so.

Get a Professional

Another great way to start is to employ a personal trainer to assist you at the beginning, they can be expensive but their knowledge and expertise can really help in the early stages of your journey, they will tailor a workout and nutrition plan specific to your needs and essentially give you the instructions you need to get started safely and strongly. With the huge amount of information out there right now regarding health, fitness and nutrition it can really pay to seek out advice from professionals who will filter down what you need to know and simplify things for you, we all know a simple plan that is easy to follow and implement can go a long way towards keeping you motivated and focused.

Focus on Your Nutrition

Another big thing you should be looking at is nutrition as you can't out exercise a bad diet, if your nutrition is bad you wont see the results from your efforts working out, its as simple as that! Again I would recommend talking to someone with knowledge and education in this field as there are lots of contradicting ideas out there with everyone proclaiming that there way is the best way, it could be but a little help along the way for you wouldn't hurt. If you want my opinion on this subject then I would recommend you start reading your labels and pay attention to what you are putting in your body, generally you want to be reducing the amount of saturated fats and refined sugars that you are consuming.  Aim for a healthy mix of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in every meal and cut out where possible processed and convenience foods, these are generally calorie laden, high in fat and sodium and contain little or no nutritional value to your body.  When shopping look to fill your trolley with fresh produce from the fruit and vegetable aisle, lean proteins such as chicken/turkey and oily fish and nuts/seeds to get your healthy fats.  Sorry to break this to you but alcohol is not conducive to a health and fitness/weightloss regime so look to cut back on the booze too!

Start a new fitness regime

There’s a few of my thoughts and tips on how you can start to implement a sustainable fitness regime.

Let me know some of your ideas

Love and light

Keil x

Keil Nelson
Keil Nelson

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