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Let's talk about motivation! We all have days and weeks where our motivation is high and our energy is up, on the flip side if your anything like me you will have experienced times where just the thought of moving your body seems like a monumental effort!

Fueling Your Fire Voltage Sport

For me personally I try to keep my motivation and expectations consistent, theres nothing worse than finding your mood going up and down all the time so consistency is key. I’ve learned over time that if I expect too much from myself I soon start to burn out and struggle  for motivation. You could say that I've got to know my body well and understand my own limitations. I know that if I overtrain the inevitable crash is just around the corner! My personal “sweet spot” is between 3 and 5 workouts a week with rest days in-between, I find this structure allows me to maximise my efforts, achieve my goals and stay focused mentally without fear of physical burnout. I look forward to rest days just as much as training days as I know that my body needs them. Trust me when I say that giving yourself sufficient rest and time off from the physical and mental demands of you’re training schedule will pay dividends for you too, your body will soon start to thank you and reward your discipline with some exceptional results.


I also like to set goals to keep myself motivated, achievable yet challenging goals are one of the driving forces behind my success on my weightloss journey. Whether I set a goal for riding miles on my bike or lifting weights in the gym I find my mind is clear and my focus is razor sharp. There is something incredibly powerful when you make yourself accountable to yourself, you will not want to let yourself down and you will work your tail off until you smash that goal. Once you have decided on your goals you can be very specific with your workouts and tailor them to suit your needs, I find this structure helps me as my training suffers if I don't have a clear objective in my mind of what I want to achieve. I would highly recommend rewarding yourself when you attain a specific goal, you will have earned whatever it is you choose as a reward and will help keep your head in the game. I can tell you from experience that the euphoria and sense of achievement you will feel when you smash through your goals is incredibly addictive, once you experience the feeling for the first time you wont want it to be your last. Give it a try and see for yourself!


Another major player for me regarding motivation is remembering where I have come from. I use my past and history to fuel my fire, there is no way I will ever go back to the “old me” but I don't hide or forget who I once was. You will see if you follow me on social media that I regularly post pictures of myself when I was overweight. I don't do this for a virtual pat on the back or a “well done” comment. I do it to remind myself to chase my goals, to push myself and to stay focused. I sincerely hope I can be an inspiration to someone who wants to make a positive change in their lives regarding their health and fitness, if someone thinks to themselves “if he can do it, so can I” then I will be a very happy man!


So my advice to keep your motivation high has been learned over time, Ive done it all wrong in the past and learned the hard way what works for me and what doesn’t. Set goals, give your body the rest that it needs and use whatever you can to fuel your fire, for me its pictures of who I was, for you it might be the person you want to be, either way use it to your advantage. Your mind is an incredibly powerful tool! It’s true that your head will say “I cant go on” long before your body gives up on you so its all a mental game. You will have bad days, its how you react to them that counts, I put them out of my mind and go again, I embrace failure as I know it leads to success. Don't be too hard on yourself, tomorrow is a new day with new possibilities. A positive mind will help you just as much as a strong body!


Here’s to your success!


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