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I'm always on the lookout for inspiration, there's nothing I like to see more than like-minded people working hard and killing it!  I find inspiration from many different sources - From professional sport to individuals with big dreams who sacrifice so much to achieve them as they share their journey on social media to teams who work together for a common goal.

Finding your fitness inspiration

I'm fortunate to come from a part of the world which has many people who fall into this remit, especially when it comes to sport.  Yorkshire has a successful cricket team, a number of sporting institutions in a wide range of sports and as a county it makes up a large number of Team GB in the Olympics.  It's easy to find inspiration from local people doing good in their chosen field.

Finding Inspiration

Be Inspired

Social media is another great place to find inspiration.  I follow lots of people across all the different platforms who inspire me whenever I see their posts and updates.

Here are some of my favourite Instagram accounts of people who inspire me when it comes to fitness, health and dedication:

  • The Mudcrusher is one of my favourites, plus she is also a friend who I did a Q and A with which you can read here to see how amazing she is!
  • Obese to Beast is a super inspirational guy from America who has lost lots of weight through exercise and hard work.  His dedication and work ethic is truly inspiring.
  • The Bodycoach is someone I admire for his belief and dream to make people around the world healthier.  His short HIIT workouts and Lean in 15 recipes make it achievable for anyone to start the journey to a healthier life.

Who inspires you?  Share in the comments below someone who regularly inspires you!

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