As sport and fitness lovers ourselves we thought we would help you with your Christmas shopping, we've put together a special gift guide to give you ideas and inspiration for the fitness or sports fan in your life.

Sport and Fitness Fan Christmas Gift Guide

Fitness Fan Gift Guide

Trainers are a great idea for anyone who is an avid gym-goer.  You should replace your trainers at least every 6 months but if your fitness fan is anything like us they might not change them for longer.  These Adidas Boost trainerswould make an extra special gift!

We believe in wearing good quality fitness socks under out trainers.  Socks really can provide support and proper fitness ones also allow breathability so the feet don't get too hot.  We have lots of Defeet socks and they have fun designs too!

Although we go to the gym it can be useful to have some weights at home, for any days where we can't make it but still want to do a workout kettlebells are really handy and make a great gift.

For someone who works out regularly, their nutrition needs to be a top priority and if they are looking to improve both performance and recovery an Arbonne Phytosport setwould be ideal.  Packed with vitamins and minerals, this 3-step system ensures a better, longer and harder workout with faster recovery.

A great gift for someone who works out on their own a lot or is looking to change their routine would be the gift of personal training.  If they go to a gym you can probably get some gift vouchers direct from them.

Many people who are into fitness are also into cooking healthy meals so a cookbook makes a great gift.  A couple of our favourites are Lean in 15 and The Lean Machines, both these not only have tasty recipes but also fitness tips and exercises too.

Sports Fan Gift Guide

For the sports fan, there is so much you can get so we would recommend tailoring your gifts to the sport they love!

A favourite team jersey or kit would make a great gift.  If you have an NFL fan to buy for we love the limited edition Colour Rushjerseys.

Of course, it would not be a Voltage Sport gift guide if we didn't mention our own products.  Our Bolt snapbacks are great for watching a game of sport, especially in the summer as they protect your head and eyes from the sun and they look great too!

A ticket to see their favourite team play would also make a great gift.  If they are a cricket fan, tickets to see England next summer would make the perfect present,  something they are sure to look forward to.

Christmas Gift Guide For Sport and Fitness Fans

What Would You Love?

So there was our fitness and sports lovers gift guide for the fitness or sports fan in your life.  Remember to share these ideas with your family and friends too if you would like to receive anything we've mentioned in this post.

What would you love to receive for Christmas? Share your ideas below!

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Keil Nelson
Keil Nelson

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