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During our recent trip to New York, we went to our first live basketball game which was held at Madison Square Garden!  We searched online to see what sporting events were happening in New York, alongside the NFL game we attended.  When we saw there was something happening at the iconic Madison Square Garden we knew we had to go!

Basketball at Madison Square Garden

We had two options, Ice Hockey or Basketball.  After a few shoutouts on social media to see what people recommended, the conscientious was basketball so we booked it!

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Basketball at Madison Square Garden

In October, it was pre-season and we saw the New York Knicks take on the Houston Rockets.

The Knicks play out of Madison Square Garden so it was set up to support the home team.  On the way in we had to buy a foam finger!

Basketball at Madison Square Garden

We purchased tickets in the chase bridge seating area, this is a newish addition to Madison Square Garden that was installed during a recent multi-million dollar refurbishment,  If you ever get a chance to sit in this area we would recommend it!  We were sat on the only row so we had nobody in front or behind us.  There is also the option for barstools which are further back and great if you are eating as they also have a table.

The view from the chase bridge is amazing.  We could see the whole basketball court and the screens above.  We expected to watch the screens but the view of the court was so good we watched the players in real time.

Basketball at Madison Square Garden

The game itself was exciting for a pre-season game.  The Rockets quickly went ahead with the Knicks regularly catching them up, only for the score to get away from them towards the end of the game. The game finished 117 – 95 in favour of Houston who owed much of their high scoring to superstar shooting guard James Harden who racked up an impressive 36 points.

It was fast-paced, with lots of points scored which made it enjoyable and easy to watch!

Basketball at Madison Square Garden

One of our favourite parts was the dance-offs in the crowd which were shown during breaks on the big screen.

Overall, we had a fantastic few hours watching the basketball at Madison Square Garden, we’d love to watch a game again!  are you a basketball fan?  Share your team below!

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