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When we are short on time or just looking to mix up our usual workouts we love to put together some mini circuits.  Circuit training gets the heart pumping, works various muscles groups and can be different each time!  On a recent trip to the gym we put together this circuit focusing on the upper body as we'd worked our legs the day before.  For a longer circuit take a look at our 40 minute full body circuit.

We have grouped our exercises into 3 mini circuits consisting of 20 reps performed 3 times, you can take short breaks between exercises as and when you need them.


After a quick warm up to loosen up our muscles before training, we started with a few cardio exercises to get the heart rate up. We chose jumping jacks and high knees.

Next we put together 3 exercises in this mini circuit to work our upper body muscles including kettlebell swings, press ups and tricep dips.

Our final mini circuit consisted of barbell back rows, sit ups and kettlebell upright rows.

We found by doing high reps our muscles soon got tired. As there is little rest your heart rate stays elevated for a great workout. We would recommend you start with a slightly lighter weigh than you would normally choose.

If you find yourself with time once you have completed the mini circuits you can add extra rounds or repeat the whole circuit again.

Like all exercises you can work to your own intensity levels, fitness and ability.  We enjoyed this circuit and couldn't wait to share it with you!

This was a great little circuit and it gives the legs a bit of a rest, of course when you have proper form you will still engage your  core and lower body muscles during your workout.

Are you going to try this circuit out?  What's your favourite exercise to add into a circuit?  Share below!


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