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At Voltage Sport we love Circuit training, we think it is one of the best ways to workout.  It’s fun and challenging at the same time.  There are so many different exercises meaning you can constantly change it up so you wont get bored.  That’s a big plus for us and takes away any excuses we can find to skip a workout, sorry to say this but it takes away any of your excuses too so get your best gym kit on, clear 40 minutes in your schedule and lets get to work!

40 minute gym circuit workout

Here is a great 40 minute circuit we did in the gym recently, we loved it and we think you will too! It incorporates lots of different muscle groups and gets the heart rate pumping with some cardio too so it’s a great all round workout that will leave you feeling amazing!  It's tough, you will work up a sweat but thats the point, right? Go hard in the gym and then enjoy the rest of your day.

For this circuit we had 6 different exercise stations comprising of a step box, some dumbbells, a bar with weights, an ab mat and a watch or clock to time your exercises. We chose to spend one minute on each station before moving to the next one, circuit training is non stop so its 6 minutes at high intensity, give it your best then have a two minute rest before repeating the circuit.  We did this circuit five times which gives us 30 minutes exercise and 10 minutes rest.

You can choose to set up the circuit how you like but we think the way we did it was great, it mixed up the strength, tone and cardio aspects of the workout perfectly so give it a try like this and see how you go!

Exercise 1 - Weighted Bar Deadlifts (go as heavy here as you can)

Exercise 2 - Box Squat Jumps

Exercise 3 - Press Ups

Exercise 4 - Plank and Crunch (alternate between rounds)

Exercise 5 - Burpees

Exercise 6 - Dumbbell Shoulder Press

40 Minute Gym Circuit. www.voltagesport.com

A little heads up here, I started the circuit lifting 14kg Dumbbels for my shoulder press and finished my last round using 8kg so choose your weights wisely.  I would recommend starting with a lower weight and trying to maintain that throughout the circuit rather than dropping down - I learned the hard way so save yourself some pain and be sensible.  A minute is a long time to sustain a repetitive exercise and the shoulder press comes directly after the Burpees meaning your muscles are already engaged and your heart is racing! Next time I do this circuit I will attempt to sustain 10kg weights throughout.

So there we have it, give this circuit a go and let us know how you found it!

Do you enjoy Circuit training? We would love to hear from you with some of your best routines so we can incorporate them into our workouts.

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