Fitness in the new year does not have to be all or nothing.  With many people making new years resolutions to get fitter and lose weight, everywhere you turn people are going all in but after a month or so they are worn out and all motivation is lost.  Does this sound familiar?  Here we share our top 5 tips for keeping up your motivation way after the new year and staying fit and healthy all year long.

New Year Fitness

Set Goals

Rather than New Years resolutions, set some specific goals.  The thing with goals is they should be exact and measurable with a timescale to them.  A great example of a goal is 'On the 30th June 2016 I will run a half marathon.' The difference between this and a resolution is you are working towards a specific target in a designated time frame so you can keep yourself focused and accountable.  On the other hand a common resolution can be, "I will get fitter in 2016" but really there is no easy way to measure if you achieve this and as soon as there is a hurdle and the going gets tough it's much easier to give up.  We like SMART goals which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Result focused and Time bound.

Enjoy It

When it comes to fitness, in order to keep it up and stay motivated you need to find something you enjoy.  If you don't like the gym, that's ok - Try running, riding your bike, fitness classes or joining a group.  There are so many ways to get fit and be healthy you have to find something you love.  If you are slogging away in the gym, 5 times a week and hate it you will soon get fed up, feel resentful and quit.  Fitness should become part of your lifestyle and be enjoyable, not something you feel you 'have' to do.

Find Balance

Having life balance is really important.  As the new year comes around its easy to set unrealistic targets about how often you will exercise. It's not helpful for your body or mindset to decide to workout every single day, start with less and then start to incorporate more days in as and when you are more comfortable and confident.  Remember rest is as important to your body and health as the workouts you carry out.  By resting you help your muscles recover,  your mind can take a break and you can spend time doing other things you enjoy in your personal and social life so you won't feel like your new active lifestyle is taking over your life.

Mix It Up

Another great tool to help you stay motivated is to mix up your workouts.  Whilst routine is important it's good for your body and mind to change up some of your activities.  If you lift weights most of the time try adding in a spinning class or a bit of cardio, if you love the treadmill why not give yoga a try?  If cycling is your thing give our 40 minute circuit a go.  By mixing up your routine and workouts you can stay energised and focused.  You never know, you may find a new workout that you love!

Love Yourself

Throughout the year there will be times when you don't workout like you have planned or something happens thats out of your control like falling ill,  you may find yourself busy at work or maybe your motivation might just slip for a while.  Don't worry, this is ok.  One thing for sure is there are bound to be times when everything doesn't quite fit perfectly into place and you will find yourself questioning your new routine.  When this happens it's important to remove any guilt you may feel and not beat yourself up.  Life happens to all of us, if you have kept up your new healthy and active lifestyle on a regular basis you will not suddenly lose what you have worked hard for.  So make sure you give yourself a break, don't be too hard on yourself, stay positive and learn to love your life just the way it is.

Those are our top 5 tips to stay fit and not just for new year.

What way do you stay motivated all you around?  Share below!


Keil Nelson
Keil Nelson

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