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Sometimes, you need a snack!  One thing we've noticed when it comes to snacking is often what’s on offer are sweet and for the most part, we prefer savoury snacks.  Recently we shared our recipes for houmous and guacamole which are great savoury dips but you do have to make them.  If you just want things in your cupboard which you can grab when hunger strikes we’ve got you covered.

These are all perfect to grab a handful on the go or to put in your lunchbox for a handy snack.

3 Favourite Snacks

Wasabi Peas

These are a recent discovery for us but a good one.  Basically, they are a crispy pea with a spicy wasabi seasoning.  It’s really a bit of Russian Roulette, sometimes you get one not too spicy and the next one can blow your head off!  Although they have been processed to get that crispness they do contain fibre and well they are just so delicious.


We're not a fan of all nuts but we do love pistachios.  They are a great tasting snack.  The fact you have to deshell them also adds to the excitement as every now and again you get one which just won’t open!

Roasted Chick Peas

This snack is the only homemade snack on the list – You have to make them in advance but they last for a long time (depending on how many you eat).  We use dried chick peas and rehydrate them overnight in water.  The following day put them on a baking tray and cover with your spice of choice.  We like curry powder, paprika or cajun seasoning. Roast them for about 40 minutes and once they are cooled you have another great snack for the week ahead.

We like to mix all three of these snacks into a dish and have them all together.

Do you have a favourite on the go snack?

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