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Having a strong core is so important when working out.  An engaged core can help you to do other exercises better, improves your posture and prevents lower back pain.  We have put together a challenging 2 minute ab workout just for you!


What's great about this workout is you can do it anywhere!  It's the perfect addition to a gym session or home workout.  We like to add abs on to the end of our workouts but of course you can put them in anytime.  You could also complete this at the end of our 40 minute circuit for a quick abs blast!

For this 2 minute workout we have combined four exercises, you complete each for 30 seconds continuously until your full workout is done.  We recommend having a minutes rest before repeating as many times as you can - Or if one set is enough for you stop and try a little extra next time.  What's great about this workout is you can gradually build up the amount of times you complete it, it's great when you can start to see improvements as your core gets stronger!

2 Minute Ab Workout

The Exercises

Russian Twist - In the video we used a medicine ball, however you can use a hand weight or nothing at all. Slowly twist your whole body from your hips, touch the ball to the floor to complete each twist then repeat on the opposite side.  If you feel pain in your lower back we recommend putting your feet on the floor.

Slow Bicycle Crunch - Alternating your legs in and out at a steady pace, aim to get your elbows as close to your knees as you can, keep your core engaged and you will feel this one!

Crunches - Traditional crunches with your feet on the floor, a slow controlled lift of your shoulders, keeping your neck inline. You can raise your heels if you like.

Fast Bicycle Crunch - As the slow version but as fast as you can to finish off this circuit! Remember to keep your form solid and safe here.

It's important to have that minutes rest at the end and then you can go again.


Do you have any favourite abs exercises?  Share below, we would love to hear and if you do this workout let us know!

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