About Caroline Towers

About Voltage Sport | Caroline TowersHey there, I’m Caroline Towers co-founder of Voltage Sport.  I live in Bradford, West Yorkshire with my fellow co-founder Keil.

I began work at 14 in my mums bike shop, I used to work Saturday’s and weekends and for a while I worked full time.  In fact, I still work a few days now for them, working mostly behind the scenes on their online brand.

I have always been interested in fitness and after a few years of going to the gym and loving it, I trained as a Personal Trainer.  My diploma includes PT, nutrition, circuit training, swedish massage and sports massage.  At the time I wanted to do this freelance with a dream of supporting a sports team around the world.  I felt I didn’t have the confidence or experience to fully explore this and start my own business.  Instead I got a job working for a mortgage company, followed by moving around various departments of social services.  It didn’t make me particularly happy and I thought there must be more to life.

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In my mid-twenties I took the decision to go to university and study Creative Writing and English Literature.  I have always loved to write and explore the world of books.  I enjoyed all aspects of studying and am proud to have funded myself by working 3 jobs!

In my final year I had to decide what to do next and I became a health and wellness consultant with Arbonne International.  This transformed my life in so many ways including learning lots about business.  I continue to run my business with Keil and we are fortunate to have had lots of incredible experiences.

I began my lifestyle blog, Conversations with Caroline,  in 2013 as I missed writing regularly.

Then in 2015 myself and Keil began formulating the idea for Voltage Sport.  I’ve spent my whole life around sport, mainly watching and supporting but at times participating too.  My dad was a top racing cyclists so the majority of my childhood was spent travelling the UK and Europe to support him.  I also love to watch cricket, football, rugby league and more recently the NFL after first watching a game when on holiday in America.